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Welcome to Pooch Post HQ

We thought we’d start our blog off by telling you  all about us, the Man & Pooch behind Pooch Post and why we started a company that delivers waggy tails to dogs all over the country!

The human behind this business relationship is me, Stephen. I’m 25 years old and from the lovely Co. Kildare. I qualified as a Carpenter in 2012 and for reasons known to many, I soon ran out of work. I always had a dream of owning my own company and doing something I absolutely loved!

Dog Subscription Box Ireland All About Us

 With that, I thought this was the perfect time to start! With my experience stemming from carpentry I started to make customised four poster dog beds. While this was great I always thought there was a different direction I could go.

Dog Subscription Box Ireland All About Us

After discovering the world of subscription boxes I got a brain wave one night “How good would it be if there was a dog subscription box?!”… Naturally thinking I was the first in the world to think of the idea, I did a google search and found the wonderful world of dog subscription boxes! This is what I’ll do!

Knowing just how difficult it can be to find the right products you can trust for your dog (We drive 40 minutes to collect Lilly’s food!) I decided to do the work for the concerned dog owner and put together a box of amazing treats, toys & accessories that would be delivered to their door every month!

BOOM! Pooch Post was born!!

February's Pooch Post Dog Subscription Box Ireland All About Us

I wanted to set Pooch Post apart from the many other dog subscription box companies, my plan was to partner with two amazing Irish companies, Cheeky Dog Bakery & Soopa. Both products we’ve been buying for Lilly for years! In fact Lilly’s 4th Birthday cake from Cheeky Dog Bakery was Jenny & Oscars first ever heart shaped cake! Having the home baked tasty decorated treats and the 100% fruit and veg chews in every Pooch Post..what could be better!

Dog Subscription Box Ireland All About Us

Now to introduce the real star of the show!

Meet Lilly, the real boss here at Pooch Post HQ! Lilly is a 6 year old Bichon Frise. Lilly loves to be the centre of attention and she never fails to bring a smile to our faces with her antics and funny personality.

Dog Subscription Box Ireland All About Us

Lilly has two big loves in her life one of which is food but she can be fussy! Which is why she is so good at her main job here at Pooch Post, the treat tester! Her other big love is the beach! As soon as she hits the sand we see her really showing off her “Bichon buzz” as she races around as fast as her little legs can take her!

Dog Subscription Box Ireland All About Us

Lilly really loves the finer things in life and that’s why she’s always making sure only the best of the best feature in our monthly dog subscription box!

I hope you enjoyed this insight in to the man and pooch behind Pooch Post. Check out Pooch Post HQ our new blog for more behind the scenes access to Pooch Post, News, Tips & Tricks and much much more!


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