Pooch Post: ID tags – the Do’s and Dont’s

Pooch Post: ID tags – the Do’s and Dont’s!

An ID tag, the most important item your pooch should have! In the unfortunate event that your dog ever gets out of the house/garden or gets lost on a walk ect. having an ID tag on your dog’s Collar is the quickest way your dog will be reunited with you. There is no need for a microchip scanner, the information that the person who finds your dog needs is right in front of them, on your dog’s collar!


It can be hard to know what exactly you need to get engraved on your dog’s ID tag so here are some DO’s and DON’T’s that we recommend!

 Don’t – Do not have a collar without an ID tag.. This might seem silly but so many dogs end up in pounds around the country with a collar, which shows that they have an owner, but no ID tag for the owner to be contacted and obviously no microchip! Having an ID tag on your dog’s collar is the fastest way your dog will be reunited with you as whoever picks up your dog can ring you straight away which can avoid your dog ending up in the pound!

DO – Put your phone number on the tag! Even better if you can put another family member or close friend that is easily reached on and in case of emergency when you may not be able to have your phone at hand! If your phone is dead or no signal at least you know that you have a backup number that the person can phone if they can’t get through to you!

DON’T – Put your dogs name on the tag!  In the unfortunate and horrible event that your dog ends up in the wrong hands, right away they know your dog’s name and can coax him/her to them. They can take the dogs collar off and use the fact that your dog responds to the name they are calling as evidence that it is their dog. Instead you can put your own second name on the tag, if your dog is lost locally and someone brings it to your local vet your details can be found on their system.

DO – If your dog is spayed/neutered it is a good idea to write this on the tag! Again, If your dog ended up in the wrong hands and they had in their mind to take your dog to use for breeding, as soon as they look at the tag on the collar they will know straight away that your dog would be of no use to them!

DON’T – Don’t forget to keep your details updated! An ID tag with an old mobile number is useless to whoever finds your pooch!


DO – Include that your pooch is microchipped on the tag! (As of 31st March 2016 it is a legal requirement in Ireland to have your dog microchipped and all your details registered and up to date!) If all else fails and they can’t get through to the numbers you have on your Pooch’s collar, they can take your dog to the local vet or rescue ect. knowing that your pet is microchipped and there they will find more information, like your address so they know where your pooches home is!

We hope the’se do’s and don’ts  help keep your dog safe and in the unfortunate event that your dog ever finds themselves away from home that they will be reunited with you as quickly as possible!

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  1. Anne says:

    Do, choose the size and shape of the tag wisely. I had a small bone shaped tag on my girl for years, only to come home one sunny afternoon to find her sitting in the garden with a length of the Aco drain stuck on her tag hanging off her neck. The bone shape fitter perfectly into the gaps on the drain cover while she was sunbathing against the back of the house. It must have took some strength of her pulling to pull a whole segment the of then drain out luckily she was fine afterwards. Nethless to say the bone got replaced for a disc. A smaller do might not be so strong.

  2. […] The first and most important thing you should be sure to do is to make sure you have your dog microchipped and that he/she has a collar with an ID tag attached! Too many dogs have collar without having an ID tag attached! For someone to be able to help your dog be reunited with you as quickly as possible it is essential that you have an ID tag on their collar! Check out our previous blog post if you are unsure what you should have on the ID tag  HERE […]

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