Dogs all over the country ignore their Pawrents!

Dog Subscription Box Ireland
Dogs around the country ignore their pawrents!

It’s been reported that dogs spend more time on their phones than teenagers. In an epidemic that has swept the country, more and more dog parents are finding their dogs glued to computer screens.

Mary from Cork wrote in to say she’s had enough.

You should of seen the sun that was out today and he (Maxi) was inside all day on ‘WoofTube’, he should be out chasing ball!


With more and more dogs training themselves to use devices like laptops and mobile phones, an explosion of dog targeted websites and apps are on the market. New dating apps such as ‘Dinder’ have seen 1000’s of new users joining everyday looking to ‘swipe right’!


dog subscription box ireland


We asked Tom what he thought of his Pointer ‘Leo’ being on computers…

At first I didn’t believe it, then I checked history one day and there it was – the proof! Searches like ‘How to catch a cat’, ’10 things you didn’t know about your human’, ‘Who’s this good boy fella?’ and ‘Why do they collect my poo?’ 

 It is believed 4/10 dogs now spend 8 hours a day scrolling through their news feed on ‘BarkBook’.

Jennifer wrote in to tell us she was 40 minutes late for work because her Chihuahua ‘Princess’ wouldn’t eat her breakfast instead took pictures of it…


It was chicken, but it was no Nando’s like!



It is believed that the problem started when Pooches around the country heard of ‘Pooch Post’ a dog subscription box service delivering healthy natural treats, pawsome toys and accessories in one monthly box.

Milo 4 doors down got Pooch Post, my Ben would see the courier bringing it to his door, he’d hear the excitement from here! After a lot of barking back and forward between Milo & Ben, I found Ben that night licking the keyboard of the PC.. the rest is history!

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