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With Halloween just around the corner, we know that it can be one of the most stressful times of the year for those of us who have fur-babies who don’t cope well with the Halloween celebrations, mostly the dreaded fireworks! It can be a very tough time of the year!  So we thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of things that will be able to help you to help your Pooch to have a relaxed, stress-free Halloween night!


  • The first and most important thing you should be sure to do is to make sure you have your dog microchipped and that he/she has a collar with an ID tag attached! Too many dogs have collar without having an ID tag attached! For someone to be able to help your dog be reunited with you as quickly as possible it is essential that you have an ID tag on their collar! Check out our previous blog post if you are unsure what you should have on the ID tag  HERE

  • Bring your pooch for a walk first thing in the morning! This way you can avoid bringing your dog out at the start of the celebrations later that afternoon which may startle him/her! This way your pooch may be calmer and less anxious and could even be tired enough to want to settle down that evening for a nice snooze and hopefully sleep through a lot of the commotion!

    Keep your dog inside! Keep your dog safe this halloween with these helpful tips and tricks by pooch post Ireland and UK's best dog subscription box

  • Keep your dog Indoors, let him/her out in the early evening to do their business and stay with them until they are ready to come in. Give your pup a “safe place”. Set up a nice quiet corner where you pooch will feel safe, place some of your pooches favourite things like their favourite toys or blankets etc. If your pooch has a crate, even covering it lightly with a blanket or sheet and make it feel that extra bit safer and secure for your pup should he/she get frightened!

  • Plan ahead! Unfortunately for some pets, Fireworks can cause a huge amount of stress and anxiousness L If your furbaby is a dog who doesn’t cope well with fireworks there may be things you can do in the upcoming days to help! Playing sounds of fireworks on low volume for short periods in the coming days before Halloween on your radio/tv while giving them their favourite treats or playing their favourite game of fetch may help desensitize them from hearing the sound of fireworks and immediately causing them to panic! Since our Lilly was a puppy we blew up balloons for her to pop and when she did we gave her a lot of praise and she soon realised that the loud once “scary” bang was part of a really great game!! 7 years later and it is still one of her favourite games! We strongly believe that this is what has helped her to be so calm around loud noises and fireworks!

  • Don’t be tempted to share Halloween human goodies with your 4 legged friend and make sure it is all well out of reach (4 legs on the ground can quickly become 2 when they smell something tasty so make sure it is high up out of reach!) Not only is chocolate lethal but an ingredient called “Xylitol” is even more toxic! It can be found in some sweets, jellies, chewing gum etc. If your pet ingests this it is EXTREMELY dangerous and an emergency trip to the vet is needed right away! This image below will give you an idea of just how dangerous Xylitol is, even compared to chocolate!

  • chocolate-v-exylitol Keep your dog safe this halloween with these helpful tips and tricks by pooch post Ireland and UK's best dog subscription box

    If you know your pet is absolutely petrified of the sound of fireworks and feel like they would need some extra help on the Halloween night it is a good idea to make an appointment with your vet before the big night and discuss your options with him/her, there are a lot of medications available to pet owners nowadays to make your pet feel more comfortable!

  • Have the TV/Radio on and turn it up a little louder than usual to help drown out the noise of everything going on outside!

  • Another great idea is to give your pooch a distraction to keep them busy! Like filling a Kong with something tasty or asking your pooch to stay and then hide some treats around the house or room for them to find are great ways to keep your pup entertained and keeping their mind off what’s going on outside!

    Peanut Butter Kong Keep your dog safe this halloween with these helpful tips and tricks by pooch post Ireland and UK's best dog subscription box

    We hope these Tips & Tricks help keep your dog safe this Halloween and you’ve enjoyed reading, happy trick or treating!

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