Pooch Post Giving Back 2016

Helping us to Help Others 2016 Recap!

As you may already know we here at Pooch Post have big hearts when it comes to our four-legged friends  and we try our best to help out where we can.

This is a look back at some of the stuff we couldn’t help but support throughout 2016. Remember none of this would have been possible without our amazing pupscribers, simply spoiling your dog with a Pooch Post helps us give a less unfortunate dog something to wag their tail about.

This is some of the things we helped towards in 2016 and with your help, 2017 will only be better with huge plans already underway.


We were happy to help support a comedy night held in the Laughter Lounge Dublin in aid of A Dogs Life. The event was a massive success and a whopping €686.50  was raised for A Dogs life on the night! Giving many more pound dogs the chance at a better life. Find out more about A Dogs Life and follow them here


Most of you will probably be aware of Naz’s story as his name and sweet face became well known on social media. Naz tragically went missing in the Bellevue Woods, Delgany at the Ballydonagh lane entrance into the woods. Despite the best efforts of the owners and amazing volunteers that searched high and low, Naz is still missing. You can follow Naz’s story here where a Facebook page has been made to help bring Naz home. You can only imagine how heartbreaking it would be to lose a part of your family like that and in the case of Naz’s four-legged sister Sasha we did our best to try to get the wag back into her tail. Sasha got to enjoy a packed Pooch Post and the pictures we were sent remind us why we love to do these things.

Battersea Dogs Home

We were happy to help K9 Staffies & Staffie Mixes, who ran a raffle on their Facebook page early in the year and managed to raise funds for the well know Battersea Dogs Home.


We were made aware of Flynn’s story by a very famous Jack Russel called Bennie who’s mammy spent many nights trying to gain Flynns trust to allow her to get him off the streets. Flynn was found emaciated and needed a lot of TLC. Flynn found his new home with a Pooch Post packed with goodies to help him settle in. Nothing like a box of treats and toys to help your recovery and a start to a new life.

Pooch Post Care Packages

You might be aware of our Mega Box where one lucky pupscriber every month can win loads of extra goodies even a trip to a dog photographer like Pawtrait! Well, we also have sent what we like to call “Care Packages” and ran a survey during the year so our followers could choose the three charities we send our care packages too. The response was amazing with over 400 entries with some small charities showing the power of their communities that love to support them.
The 3 chosen charities were Dogs Trust, Dogs in Distress and Dublin Husky Rescue, check out the pictures below!

This certainly won’t be the last of the Pooch Post Care Packages, with others planned for the future! Again something we couldn’t do without the help of our amazing pupscribers!


Another story that absolutely broke our hearts is the story of Boo . Boo is a Shar Pei from Manchester and while her Mum was out, their house was broken into by what I wouldn’t even like to call a human. This disgusting person attacked Boo with a knife and left her for dead only to be found by her mum in what only can be described as a blood bath. You can read about the incident here.

The good news to come from this is that the scum that done this to Boo, got the maximum sentence and Boo is well and truly on the mend! 

This is Boo enjoying the Pooch Post we sent to help with her recovery, the least we could do after what this beautiful girl was put through.

None of this would have been possible without our amazing community and wonderful pupscribers that continue to help us help others just by using our service.

2017 is going to be no different with bigger and better things to come.

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  1. Hilary Fitzgerald says:

    I love Pooch Post and I love how caring you guys are. I would like to suggest a charity you may consider this year. Wicklow Animal Welfare, Balinaclash wicklow. I have been fostering for them for the last 8 months and it has been such a rewarding experience. I have seen upfront what amazing work they do for such a small charity, pretty much run single handedly by a very dedicated woman who works tirelessly in the community. She does a lot of work getting dogs neutered in a hope to curtail the amount of unwanted dogs. She took in 18 pups in December alone. Please consider them when you are thinking of donating.

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