Looking After Your Pooch This Summer

Best ways to look after your Pooch this summer by Pooch Post HQ!

Hopefully the two weeks of sunshine back in May was not our “Summer” and we’re due a little more fun in the sun in the coming months. If the last two day’s are anything to go by we could get another two weeks of it! *Crosses paws!*

We decided to put together a few need to knows when it comes to keeping your Pooch safe this summer!


Never leave your Pooch in a hot car!

It’s all over social media, a new video every day of a car’s window being smashed in to save a dog being roasted in its owner’s car! Yes the majority of these incidents are in the very hot states of the US.. But this can happen anywhere even our own country can get hot enough to turn our cars into ovens!
This was the case at Bloom festival this year just weeks ago in the horrible event of a dog passing away. It is understood the dog was in the car more than three hours on a day where temperatures reached over 18 degrees at Phoenix Park in Dublin.
The full story can be read here.


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The tragic event at Bloom would indicate that even 18° for too long is fatal to your furry friend, so don’t do it!


How long can this NFL player tough it out inside a hot car?


Protecting your dogs from being burnt this summer.

Ever wondered can dogs get sun burned? Just like you and me they can!
If you’re going for a walk or a trip to the beach and feel you need to protect your skin from those pesky rays! Rub some suncream into your pooches nose and the bridge of the nose.This is more so the case in short haired or fair haired dogs, owning a Bichon Frisé we know just how delicate fair skinned dogs can be, especially after a groom where the hair on the bridge of their nose is at it’s shortest. We’d advise using a child friendly suncream. Whatever suncream you choose make sure it contains no zinc oxide, which is toxic to pets!

Dogs most susceptible to sunburn are dogs with White or Light colored fur, Short Haired Dogs and of course Hairless Dogs.

Take particular care with the following dog breeds.

  • Pitbulls
  • Dalmatians
  • Boxers
  • Weineramers
  • Greyhounds
  • Chinese Crested Dog



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In the Case your Pooch gets bitten by the sun, the degree of redness and overall soreness will determine your need to bring your pooch to the vet. If your Pooch does not seem in pain and the burned area is not overly red or sore this simple but effective home remedy should help the effected area.

Aloe Vera: The gel of aloe vera is perhaps one of the best remedies for sunburn, sworn by all the mammy’s across the country! If you’re like me and love picking up hot plates or bouncing your hand off every wall in the oven, you’ll surely have an Aloe Vera plant on the mantle piece.  If you have an aloe plant, just break off a leaf and squeeze out the gel. Spread the gel on your dog’s sunburned sore spots. Alternatively, you can get an aloe cream and use as instructed on the label.


Make sure the ground is not too hot for paws!

Ever go to the beach and the sand is like walking on burning coals? Well concrete gets just as HOT!
We walk around with shoes on our feet and although shoes are widely available for Pooches you don’t see too many dogs walking down the street in new Converse!


Seriously how cute is this!


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The 5 second RULE!

It’s simple just like food falling on the floor and only picking up germs after 5 seconds…Not a fact! If you can’t leave the back of your hand on the ground for 5 seconds… It’s too hot to walk your dog..Fact!



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Due to the mild winter we had, mites have increased and are a major problem this summer. I know our regular walking spot for Lilly has a huge problem with them this year! Whether you like holistic treatments or the spot-on/consumable options make sure it also deters mites as a lot of treatments only fight Fleas & Ticks. Mites are nasty buggers and can affect your dogs skin even causing hair loss as well as ear infections.


Last but certainly not least! Never leave your Pooch unattended outside shops!

I see this way too often! I find myself sitting in my car outside the shop making sure the dog is alright until their owner returns with their smiley face and a 99! With a drastic rise in dog thefts in this country, people breaking into houses only to steal your furry friend! Don’t gift them such an opportunity! An unattended dog with the lead lassoed around a post outside a shop is too easy!

We all love our 99’s I’m partial to the frequent Loop the Loop on a hot day! As quick as you think you might be nipping into the shop for whatever it might be, your Pooch could be nabbed just as quick! Leave walkies as walkies and the quick pop into the shop for another time, unless of course your pooch can be accompanied by somebody, then it’s a win win!!



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Hope these tips can help you protect your dog this summer!

Speaking of 99’s look what came in this months Pooch Post!




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